The Distant Shores Of Home


Alignment: NE (+2 Stability, +2 Economy)
Consumption: 5
Economy: +6
Loyalty: 0
Population: 16,577 (3,849 ratfolk, 2,225 elves, 1680 half-orc, 1,540 fetchling, 1241 half-elf, 1,012 human, 906 Oread, 902 tiefling, 898 strix, 724 dwarf, 563 dhampir, 412 gillmen, 290 hobgoblin, 158 gnome, 106 Yahwli, 31 Clend, 26 kitsune, 14 Bellucenian (in addition to this census, the transient population can add as many as 3,500 long-term temporary residents of various races at any given time, especially in the spring and fall when shipping is at its peak.))
Size: Five hexes
Stability: +2
Unrest: 7 (crime, unpopular leaders, menial jobs, poor wealth distribution)

Kattashahar has a cool, temperate, maritime climate which is relatively mild despite its northerly latitude. Winter daytime temperatures rarely fall below freezing and are milder than places such as Bettesibi just a short distance north on the top "arm" of Sersuv. Summer temperatures are normally moderate, rarely exceeding 65 °F. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city was 83 °F on 4 Augur 2673 of the Selvine Age. The lowest temperature recorded in recent years (i.e., the current Shielded Age) was 14 °F during Dismember 1004.

The city's proximity to the ocean and unique geographical protections mitigate any large variations in temperature or extremes of climate. Given Katta's position between the coast and hills, it is renowned as a "windy city", with the prevailing wind direction coming from the south west, which is often associated with warm, unstable ocean air that can give rise to rainfall – although considerably less than more geographically exposed cities such as Mustathafaya, to the west. Rainfall is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year. Winds from an easterly direction are usually drier but considerably colder, and may be accompanied by haar, a persistent coastal fog. Vigorous atmospheric depressions, known as O'g'rian windstorms, can affect the city between Vasktober and Maeve.

Police: There is a strong, militarized police force in Kattashahar, with four precincts spread carefully across the city. While they do generally keep the peace, the police are very corrupt and focused much more on the interests of the current Convocation than the safety of individual citizens. Anyone who has lived in Katta for any decent amount of time knows to approach cautiously any interaction with an officer of the law because that cop could be honest, but they much more likely are in someone's pocket, or many someones' pockets.

Crafting: Kattashahar has a powerful Crafters' Union, and any citizen seeking to get something made or built will find it to be of great benefit to work throught the CU rather than looking for an independent crafter. The CU will take your work order, match it up with the most appropriate artisan crafter(s) for the job, negotiate a price, estimate the work, and keep down payments in escrow, if appropriate. People generally only deal with crafters directly when they want something to be made but don't want a paper trail leading to it.

The Port: Katta's port districts are by far the most important areas in the city. Their towering cranes, sprawling warehouses, and colossal drydocks process enormous amounts of cargo and passengers every day, moving and storing goods, fixing and building boats, and channeling select vessels into the Workings; the massive locks that are the fastest and safest route to and from the mainland. The ports are heavily patrolled by the police from Precinct 1, but that is mostly to ensure the interests of cargo belonging to the Convocation, and not to prevent other crimes from happening. As such the port is a beehive of both criminal activity and legitimate commerce, and a place in which one must be very careful.

The Workings: This strip of land is home to the amazingly complex and powerful skein of technology and magic that makes the north and south locks function. It is only accessible to technicians and laborers with special dispensations to work there. Anyone caught there without such permission faces stiff penalties, up to and including exile or even death.

Crumbweed and Seepings: The two decrepit shantytowns on either side of the Workings are home to the vast majority of menial laborers in the city. Roughly 70% of the city's population is crammed into the teetering clapboard houses and threadbare tents clinging to muddy earth that comprise these neighborhoods.

Northlock: Once the seat of power in Katta, this district still has a fair amount of money and influence to throw about, but its once-grand homes have fallen into disrepair and many of its younger citizens and scions have moved to the more popular and favored Southlock. There are many secrets in Southlock, and the district's proximity to hills and the Deadlands make it an excellent place for smugglers, mercenaries, and vigilantes to work.

Deadlands: A curious neighborhood whose disposition is heavily influenced by its proximity to the Kattashahar Cemetery in the northeast corner, and the Lady of Beauty hospital in the west; twin pillars of life and death in whose shadows the quiet citizens of this artisan district go about their lives and work.

South Filing and Power's Pulse: The only residents of these districts are the members of the Aristocracy, those who serve them, and the staff of Convin's Adventure Training School South.

Lackwyst: Home primarily to police and the Aristocracy's private militia.

Southlock: This is the largest and most populous district in Kattashahar, and home to many working-class families, but mostly it is where crafters, artists, ship captains, police, professors, doctors, and other professionals all live. Eventually, many will decide they want to take a shot at being on the Convocation. This district is generally law-abiding, though it has been known to break out in the occasional conflagration by where its genial borders abut the shores of commerce that make up Port Heart.


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