Inariel Tanna Noromin

Harrowmancer Witch with a Hagstory


Name: Inariel Noromin. Sometimes Inari, Ina to her father, Tanna to contacts.
Approximate Age: Early Twenties
Race: Elf? (Changeling)
Gender Presentation: Female
Height: 5’3" or thereabouts
Build: Slighter than ayour typical elf
Hair: Raven black with two streaks of white on the left side. Varying lengths, though most often shoulder length.
Eyes: Right eye is light blue, as a summer morning, and the Left Eye is deep purple of a winter dusk
Dress Style: Iayers, a blouse with fetishes under her cloak, longer skirts of an older era, some elven influenced clothing, headband with feathers tied into her hair, rings, finely worked belt with silver, sturdy belt pouches and straps.
Distinguishing Features: Those streaks of white are pretty noticeable, even when she tucks them under. She also has a fair number of intricate tattoos.
Notable Possessions on her person: Sometimes walking with a mundane walking stick/staff, spell components pouch, hardened leather pouch holding deck of cards.
Manner of Speaking: Focused on the matter at hand
Manner of Movement: even-gaited
General Impression and Attitude: Fairly friendly to the average person, focused on the matter at hand, can have a sharp wit with some irreverence towards social mores. Gets impatient with formalities, especially when they come from questionable authority. Feels conflicted about emotional connections as she’s often felt on the outside. Unafraid of new challenges, of killing. Points out signs and omens when she sees them—if she trusts you, they might actually be real signs and omens and not the ones she’s making up.
Special All bets are off when she’s trying to play a role.



In the City since age 12, Inariel lives and works in her father’s shop, Leaves of Dream, in Seepings, closer to the port, and she tells fortunes out in Crumbweed as Madame Jenaya, closer to the graveyard. She’s personally witnessed the abuse that happens.

She’s been passing information with an aim to fighting the corruption for probably a year and a half (through fortune tellings, through real and fake tattoos), with the last six months resulting in her taking more direct action when she’s able, whether for hire or on her own. She’s seen the abuse for years, and with her father, helped people move past it and survive, but having gotten inadvertently caught up in one such abuse by local police, she found great pleasure in taking more direct action – and it also satisfied the Call. Perhaps too well, even.

Not finding any underground faction that could build a resistance with some influence, she’s decided to get more involved and try to make a difference on her own where she can, vigilante style.

Leaves of Dream is a known haven for the poor. For the shop, she always looks like herself: the mismatched eyes and black hair with two white streaks. For fortune telling in the hut, she always looks like Madame Jenaya, an older, heftier Varisian woman with scraggly red hair. She changes her appearance so often just to walk through the city that it’s hard to say who or what she looks like at other times, if she’s even visible at all.

Inariel Tanna Noromin

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