The Distant Shores Of Home

Basic Information about Heart's Home

Months of the Year:
Major Holidays:
Janniairy 22 – Elemental Day, when the Elemental gods and planes are celebrated
Major Holidays:
Fooluairy 13 – All Fools' Day, celebrates the arts, also the center of a five-day festival
Fooluairy 28 - Nurianna's Day, celebrating the birth and life of Nurianna
Major Holidays:
Maeve 11 – Mysteron Day, when the Mysterons are celebrated
Major Holidays:
(Soon 6th of every other year is The Annum)
Soon 21 – Dragon's Day, celebrating draconic culture
Augur 12 – Athleta, celebrating athletics and physical accomplishment, also the center of a five-day festival celebrating such games, contests, and achievements
Major Holidays:
Vasktober 1 – Study Hall, day celebrating reading and knowledge
Major Holidays:
Newvember 5 - Day of Renewal, when we take stock of our lives and selves
​​​​​​​Major Holidays:
Dismember 1 – War Day, remembrance of those who fell in battle
(Dismember 26 of every other year is the Election Gala in Power's Pulse)
Dismember 28 – Souls' Day, a celebration of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth

Each Month has exactly 28 days

Days of the week:
Suns’ Day
Moons’ Day
True Day
Woe Day
Thirst Day
Fly Day
Sever Day

Current year: 1153 of the Shielded Age

Previous ages:
The First Age lasted about 2,000 years
The Second Age lasted nearly 4,000 years
The Gilt Age lasted 1,200 years
The Selvine Age lasted 3,400 years


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