The Distant Shores Of Home

META: Session 1

True Day, Maeve 3rd, 1153 of the Shielded Age

You were all invited to the home of the Lawton Family in Northlock. The Lawtons were once on The Convocation, some years ago, but have long since fallen out of favor. All that remains of their line is young Lady Lawton and her father. 

Lady Lawton has asked you to find her father, who disappeared mere days ago. The lease is coming due on their dock in Rhimesport in just a week's time, and her father needs to sign the papers to renew or they will lose said lease. The family cannot afford this.

Lady Lawton appears to be suffering from a type of mummy rot.

In the basement dungeons of Lawton House were two locked rooms, both of which contained heavy evidence of alchemical and magical experimentation, likely to halt or reverse Lady Lawton's condition. In one room was the ruined corpse of a young sailor named Tristan Phar, in the other was dozens of putrescent and desiccated rat corpses. Both came to life and attacked, and both were destroyed.

You also found a cipher machine known as a "word box", an old piece of Boskalan tech. You were able to use it to decode a final message in Lord Lawton's journal that made reference to someone named "Trill" who he needed to meet out at the old Lawton family mining concern near the town of Lazareen, a few hours west of the city. This same journal also told of a falling out between Lord Lawton and Old Terrorlock, the necromancer who lives in the deadlands, not far from the cemetery, though the exact nature of their disagreement remains a mystery.


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